Welcome to Evans Doggy Treats!

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Meet The "Small" Business Owner

Evan has had Golden Retrievers since he first joined the family pack. He likes to give his doggys treats and decided that he wanted to start making his own healthy treats to share with them.

They were so good that he shared them with all his dog's friends at the local dog meet up. All the pups enjoyed them so much that Evan decided to start a doggy treat business so he can begin his entrepreneurial path!

He wants to save up so he can be a dog trainer, a veterinarian and buy a gumball machine 😁

We hope you enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit Evan shows and give his doggy treats a chance to make your pups day!

Meet Our Quality Control Managers

Koda (Left) and River (Right) have been our full time quality control managers since Evans Doggy Treats first test batch. They bring energy and a keen understanding of what Doggys want from a treat. Their feedback has been invaluable in Evans ingredient selection for his treats. Koda and River personally test each batch that comes out of the ovens to ensure that the Doggys get exactly what they ordered.